Saturday, August 4, 2007

August 4th News

Things are slow today. There's quite a bit of Central/North American history, but that's outside the scope of this site.

New stories as of 9:58 AM:

Photo Gallery: Ancient Rome Reborn in 3-D
National Geographic News
August 3, 2007—In a view fit for the ancient gods, the buildings and monuments of Rome sprawl across the countryside circa A.D. 320, arguably the height of the city's glory as the capital of the Roman Empire...

Train Route Collides With Ancient Tannery
Discovery News
Aug. 1, 2007 — Archaeologists excavating an ancient tannery believed to be the largest ever found in Rome said Tuesday they might need to move the entire work site, which is being threatened by railroad construction. The 1,255-square-yard complex includes a tannery dating to the second or third century, as well as burial sites and part of a Roman road...
This article has a YouTube video embedded in the middle. I know it's a couple of days late, but the link kept timing out for me.

Friday, August 3, 2007

August 3rd News

It's a slow start today, probably because of how late yesterday's entry was.

New stories as of 11:28 AM:

Getty's Accord Removes Shadow
Los Angeles Times
A day after the J. Paul Getty Museum announced the return of 40 prized artifacts to Italy, a sense of relief swept across the Getty Center's Brentwood campus, home to the Getty Trust and three other programs that had been largely overshadowed by the museum's antiquities scandal...,0,1538753.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california

Mussolini Home Jewish Graves Opened
(ANSA) - Rome, July 26 - The Jewish catacombs under Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini's Rome villa are being restored and readied for visitors. "It's going to take several months to prepare the site and make it safe," said the head of Italy's Jewish Cultural Heritage Foundation, Bruno Orvieto...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

August 2nd News Stories

Well, the one day with no internet has spread into it's third. I have the internet back now and I'm playing catch-up for the last two days or so of news. And there's lots of it. I ended up being rather picky when there were multiple articles on a single story this time.

New stories as of 9:24 PM:

Italy Drops Legal Battle Against Getty After Deal
Reuters UK
ROME (Reuters) - Italy has dropped a legal suit against the Getty Museum after the richest U.S. art institution agreed to return 40 items Rome believes were stolen and smuggled out of the country, the culture minister said Thursday...
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Getty To Return Treasures To Italy
The Standard
In a sweeping deal to end years of controversy, the J Paul Getty Museum has agreed to return to Italy 40 antiquities from its collection, including several masterpieces and its prized fifth-century BC statue of the goddess Aphrodite...

Italy Calls Agreement With Getty Museum to Return Ancient Artifacts 'Historic'
Voice Of America News
Italy's culture minister is calling an accord reached with the J. Paul Getty Museum for the return of 40 ancient artifacts "historic" and a victory for artistic ethics. Sabina Castelfranco reports from Rome that Francesco Rutelli also says it is a blow to looters and art traffickers worldwide...
This article also contains a link to an audio version of the report in MP3 format.

Getty Museum Agrees To Handover Of 40 Artifacts To Italy
The Italian government and the J. Paul Getty Museum have reached an agreement on the return of 40 artifacts to Italy, including a statue of the goddess Aphrodite...

Alexander's Colony To Be Excavated
Greek archaeologists plan to excavate an ancient colony founded by Alexander the Great in the Gulf of Kuwait in the fourth century BC, officials said on Wednesday...
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Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Tannery
ABC News
Archaeologists excavating an ancient tannery believed to be the largest ever found in Rome said Tuesday they might need to move the entire work site, which is being threatened by railroad construction....

Revealed: The Minster's Secrets Carved In Stone
Yorkshire Post
FOR more than 600 years, it has remained one of Britain's most iconic buildings and a towering tribute to the endeavours of an army of medieval craftsmen...
This article has a video link about the restorations as well as the text.

Stone Age Site Surfaces After 8000 Years
Excavations of an underwater Stone Age archaeological settlement dating back 8000 years are taking place at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton this week (30 July - 3 August 2007). Maritime archaeologists from the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology (HWTMA) have been working at the site just off the Isle of Wight coast...

Beyond Mesopotamia: A New View Of The Dawn Of Civilization
Science Daily
Science Daily For decades, school children have learned that human civilization emerged about 5000 years ago along the Euphrates River in Mesopotamia, along the Nile, and along the Indus River...

Egypt Discovers 2,500-Year-Old Grave Of Royal Guard
People's Daily Online
The grave of a royal guard of the 26th dynasty, which dates back to about 2,500 years ago, was unearthed by an Egyptian-Czech archaeological mission in the south of Cairo, Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouq Hosni said on Thursday...
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Shop Assistant Wore Ancient Necklace
Daily Times
Archaeologists have found a valuable ancient gold necklace being worn by a cashier in a Bulgarian grocery after it was dug up by her husband. Boris Todorov, 43, from Karlovo in Bulgaria dug up hundreds of fine gold rings from a field on his farm and put them together to make a gift for his wife...

"Gentrified" Egyptian Burial Chamber Discovered
National Geographic News
A recycled burial chamber with unusual decorations has been discovered just south of Cairo, archaeologists announced today...

Beyond Mesopotamia: A Radical New View Of Human Civilization Reported In Science
A radically expanded view of the origin of civilization, extending far beyond Mesopotamia, is reported by journalist Andrew Lawler in the 3 August issue of Science...

3500 Year Old Frescos Discovered In The Region Of Batna
Echoruouk Online
An important archaeological discovery has been made recently in the region of Batna (east of Algeria) which consists in prehistoric frescos that date back to some 3500 years...

Researchers Find Evidence Of Hidden City
Cairo, Aug 03: Alexander the Great founded Alexandria to immortalize his name amid his quest to conquer the world — but his was apparently not the first city on the famed site on Egypt's Mediterranean coast...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31 News

Tomorrow's news may well be posted quite late. For a couple of reasons, I'm not going to have internet access for most of the day. There's lots of stories today, and most of them are new ones.

New stories as of 11:21 AM:

Excavations Uncover New Data On Ancient Kingdom Of Paphos
Financial Mirror
New data on the history of the ancient kingdom of Paphos are forthcoming as a result of the archaeological field project conducted by the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus at Kouklia-Palaepaphos since last year...

Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Tannery
Washington Post
ROME -- Archaeologists excavating an ancient tannery believed to be the largest ever found in Rome said Tuesday they might need to move the entire work site, which is being threatened by railroad construction...
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Archaeologists In Rome Dig Up Ancient Tannery
International Herald Tribune
ROME: An ancient tannery that is being dug up in Rome — believed to be the largest ever found in the capital — is threatened by railway construction, and archaeologists said Tuesday they might need to move the entire complex...

Los Angeles Times: Getty, Italy Reopen Talks On Antiquities
Days before a threatened cultural embargo was scheduled to take effect, the J. Paul Getty Museum has resumed negotiations with the Italian government over 46 of the museum's disputed antiquities — opening the door to a possible agreement...
Also published at:,1,839680.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california&ctrack=1&cset=true

San Fulgencio's Archaeological Excavations Of Iberian Temple
e Leader Online
On 9th July this year archaeological excavations were implemented in San Fulgencio on the early Iberian settlement of ‘La Escuera’ located close to camino del Convenio on urbanisation La Marina...

Getty Officials, Italian Government Resume Talks
(CBS) LOS ANGELES Officials with the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Italian government have resumed negotiations concerning 46 of the museum's disputed antiquities, it was reported Tuesday...

Italian PM Vows To Reopen Ancient Road Between Canterbury And Rome
New Kerala
London, July 31 : Italian Prime MInister Romano Prodi has vowed to reopen the ancient road between Canterbury and Rome, saying it is great heritage waiting to be revealed to the world again.

Europe's First Pilgrims' Way Could Reopen
The Telegraph
The ancient road on which pilgrims travelled from Canterbury to Rome could soon become a vibrant thoroughfare again...

Stone Age Site Surfaces After 8000 Years
Innovations Report
Excavations of an underwater Stone Age archaeological settlement dating back 8000 years are taking place at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton this week (30 July - 3 August 2007)...

Bronze Age Skeleton Is Dug Up In Quarry
Peterborough Today
ARCHAEOLOGISTS believe they may have unearthed a Bronze Age cemetery near Peterborough after digging up the remains of a 3,500 year-old skeleton...

Roman Remains To Be Buried In Time
ROMAN remains of “national and international importance” are to be built over after developers won a long-running legal battle for planning permission...

Monday, July 30, 2007

July 30th News

It's a new week starting, and there are some new stories to go with it.

New stories as of 3:11 PM:

Archaeologist Uncover Possible Medieval Mosque In Sicily
Earlier this summer, while standing in an archaeological pit adjacent to an ancient hilltop castle in west-central Sicily, Northern Illinois University graduate student Bill Balco could literally reach out and touch the centuries—even the millennia...

New stories as of 11:52 AM:

Medieval Mosque Discovered In Sicily
Monsters and Critics
DEKALB, IL, United States (UPI) -- U.S. archaeologists working at a dig in Sicily have uncovered what is believed to be the ruins of a 9th or 10th century medieval mosque...
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EU Officials Urge Halt To Tara Motorway Work
Evening Echo
EU officials have called on the Government to halt work on part of the M3 motorway after concern was expressed about the impact on newly discovered ruins at the Hill of Tara, it emerged today...

Viking Graves Discovered
The Post Chronicle
An estimated 120 graves and a large hall are among the new evidence archaeologists recently discovered of Norway's Viking past...
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Egypt's Largest Pharaoh-Era Fortress Discovered, Experts Announce
NEW YORK. July 30. KAZINFORM. The largest known fortress from ancient Egypt's days of the pharaohs has been unearthed near the Suez Canal, archaeologists announced on Sunday...

Up Close With Saxon Ancestors
More tantalising glimpses of a 1200-year-old civilisation have emerged from the chalky soil of a Norfolk wheat field...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29th News

Sundays are usually slow. Today seems to be no exception. Things might pick up later though.

New stories as of 10:50 AM:

Toledo Museum Makes Glass History Absolutely Clear
TOLEDO -- A modest little saucepan used in the Roman Empire is among more than 5,000 glass artifacts and art objects in the Toledo Museum of Art's international glass collection...

Heels, Gum Are Leaving Their Mark On Greek Landmark
Houston Chronicle
ATHENS, GREECE — The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, nestled at the foot of the Acropolis, has weathered wars, earthquakes and acid rain. But today the country's most revered ancient theater, in nightly use almost 1,850 years after its creation, is under fresh assault...