Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 24th News

Finding real news amongst the reviews for the new Indiana Jones movie is proving a challenge.

New stories as of 8:38 AM:

Tower Unearthed At Castle Mound
Oxford Mail
Work to repair the mound at Oxford Castle has revealed a 10-sided tower that has been hidden for more than 200 years...

Vandals In Attack On Stonehenge
BBC News
Suspected souvenir hunters broke into Stonehenge and vandalised the ancient monument, English Heritage has said...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20th News

The long weekend is over now, so back to work. It's been a quiet time in terms of archaeological/classical history news as well.

New stories as of 8:46 AM:

Time Team - Swords, Skulls And Strongholds
My Park Magazine
The Iron Age is the period of about 800 years before the Romans arrived to turn this nation of disparate tribes into a single state...

Denver Post
COLORADO SPRINGS — A physics professor here has resurrected the mystery of the Shroud of Turin, the fabled burial cloth of Christ that 20 years ago scientists declared a fake...

Old Cobbled Street Opens New Path To Templar History
East London Advertiser
AN EARLY Victorian cobbled street more than 150 years old has been unearthed by archaeologists investigating the site of a 12th Century Knights Templar mill at the 2012 London Olympics park...

Photos: Spain Drought Reveals Submerged Medieval Church
National Geographic News
May 19, 2008—Visitors walk near the newly exposed ruins of an 11th-century church, which had been the only visual evidence of the village of Sant Roma, Spain, on April 6 (top)...