Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 5th News

Much of the news today is made up of older stories, whether new articles on a story from several months ago, or more information on yesterday's stories.

New stories as of 11:13 AM:

Treasure Has A Tale To Tell
Journal Live
AN ancient pan which may have been a souvenir from Hadrian’s Wall will go on show on Tyneside today ...

Probing Ancient Shipwrecks With DNA
Bend Weekly
Stud­y­ing an an­cient Greek ship­wreck, sci­en­tists say, they’ve found they can de­code an­cient DNA to learn about the orig­i­nal con­tents of jars sunk­en for over 2,000 years...

Greek Love: 'As If One Has Been Beamed Down Into A Painting By Watteau'
Duncan Followell reveiws The Greeks and Greek Love: a Radical Reappraisal of HOmosexuality in Ancient Greece by James Davidson...

Boy, Oh Boy
Guardian Unlimited
Oliver Taplin enjoys James Davidson's unpredictable, over-the-top, erudite and lengthy look at 'homobesottedness', The Greeks and Greek Love...,,2235425,00.html

University of Va. To Return Greek Statues
United Press International
CHARLOTTESVILLE , Va., Jan. 4 (UPI) -- The University of Virginia plans to return to Italy two ancient Greek sculptures taken from Sicily by tomb raiders and donated to the university's museum...

Looted Sculptures To Be Sent Home
BBC News

Two ancient sculptures of Greek goddesses dug up by looters in Sicily in 1978 are to be returned.

The World's A Stage: Whitman Professor Documents Ancient Theaters
WALLA WALLA, Wash., Jan. 3, 2008 - Last year, Associate Professor of Theatre Thomas Hines received a gratifying and fairly astonishing e-mail from an excited Argentine businessman who’d decided to restore an old mas, a traditional house in Provence. He wanted Hines to know that the Whitman College professor’s online archive of ancient theaters had inspired him to build a Roman theater in the backyard of the property...

Scottish Water-Plant Dig Reveals Ancient Roman Fort
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND — Scottish Water is moving the site of its soon-to-be-built treatment works building after preparations for its new Glencorse drinking water treatment plant revealed the remains of a 2,000-year-old Roman fort, according to a January 4 Edinburgh Evening News article...

Bone Ice Skates Invented By Ancient Finns, Study Says
National Geographic News
Ice-skating—the oldest human-powered means of transportation—was invented in Finland not for fun but for survival, according to a new study...

Friday, January 4, 2008

January 4th News

There's lots of stories today on a wide range of topics. They range from new discoveries to new information on older discoveries as well as some new museum exhibits.

New stories as of 8:35 AM:

U. Va. To Return Looted Greek Statues To Italy
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) - The University of Virginia plans to return two ancient Greek sculptures to Italy nearly three decades after tomb raiders looted them from Sicily...

UVa To Return Looted Greek Statues
Daily Progress
The University of Virginia announced Thursday that it will return to Italy two ancient Greek sculptures of the goddesses Demeter and Persephone - nearly three decades after they were looted from Sicily by tomb raiders...!news

Ancient Lives Uncensored
The Courier-Mail
ANYONE looking for lessons in the history of censorship and propaganda need look no further than Pompeii...,23739,23001599-5003424,00.html

Ancient Roman Pan Offers Valuable Insights At Arbeia Roman Fort
24 Hour Museum
An ancient Roman pan, which was made sometime after AD 122 but was only uncovered in 2003, is to go on display at Arbeia Roman Fort on Saturday January 5 2007...
The photo at the beginning of the article is really something. The colours are incredible.

Italy: Remains Of Ancient Luxury Villas Open To Visitors In Rome
Post Gazette
ROME -- The restored ruins of two opulent Roman villas and private thermal baths have opened to the public here, equipped with a 3-D reconstruction that offers a virtual tour of the luxurious residences found in downtown Rome...

Water Plant Work Digs Up Evidence Of Roman Fort
The Scotsman
A 2000-YEAR-OLD Roman fort has been uncovered on the site of a new £60 million treatment plant for the Capital's drinking water...

Dwarf Gene Discovery: Explanation For Hobbit Species?
ABC News
In a discovery that could help boost understanding of a rare type of dwarfism, researchers announced today that they have found a genetic culprit for the condition...

Archaeological Dig At Cathedral
Salisbury Journal
PREPARATIONS for this year's celebrations of Salisbury Cathedral's 750th anniversary have continued apace, with an archaeological dig taking place inside the cathedral to allow a new specially-designed font to be installed...

Climate Change Put Big Chill On Neandertals, Study Says

National Geographic News
Neandertals in western Europe were ravaged by an increasingly hostile climate rather than an invasion of modern humans, according to new research...

Neanderthals Stitched Too Little Too Late
Discovery News
Jan. 3, 2008 -- Neanderthals probably froze to death in the last ice age because rapid climate change caught them by surprise without the tools needed to make warm clothes, finds new research...
A second take on the new information.

Roman Camp Found At Glencorse
MidLothian Today
AN unexpected historical discovery has been made at Scottish Water's site at Glencorse, near Penicuik — a Roman marching camp nearly 2000 years old...

New Pharahonic Mummy Found

Egypt State Information Service
Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities has stated that the mummy which had been unearthed at farms in the governorate of Al-Fayoum is Pharohnic and priceless...
Not much information here at all.

Grisly Discovery Of Headless Bodies Gives Insight Into Justice Saxon Style

Yorkshire Post
ONCE they were spectacular resting places to honour the dead.
But with pagan Britain's conversion to Christianity, the Bronze Age burial mounds came to be regarded with suspicion as places where devils and dragons lurked...

Ice Skating Born Of Necessity?
Discovery News
Jan. 2, 2008 -- Ice skating, now a winter tradition around the world, may have been invented in Scandinavia 5,000 years ago, new research suggests...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

January 3rd News

Now that the holidays are over, I'm returning to a more or less regular daily posting here.

New stories as of 8:32 AM:

Satellites Build A Picture Of The Past
Gone are the days of a fearless Indiana Jones battling through the jungle in search of ancient treasures. Today's archaeologists are using high-tech tools, from NASA satellites to Google Earth, do the hard work for them...

Race To Save Lascaux Cave Art, Prehistoric 'Sistine Chapel'
It was discovered by a dog called Robot, and has survived 17,000 years of climate change and human history. But the world's most famous cave art at Lascaux, France - dubbed prehistory's "Sistine Chapel" - could end up on a World Heritage in Danger list...

France Racing To Save Lascaux Cave Paintings From Fungus
The French government is taking emergency action to rescue the celebrated cave paintings of the Lascaux caverns from a fungus...

Ancient Civilization Found
Reported at the end of last year, but missed pretty much everywhere, Russian archaeologists working in Kyrgyzstan have discovered the remains of, what must have been at its time, a thriving metropolis. Estimated to be from 2,500 years ago, they were found at the bottom of Lake Issyk Kul, in the Kyrgyz mountains...

Four Years Work - But There's A Silver Lining...
Leicester Mercury
Archaeologists have begun a four-year restoration of a piece of history that could unravel Leicestershire's Roman past...

Irish Split On Road Near Sacred Site

The Hill of Tara, northwest of Dublin, has a great deal of archaeological and religious significance. Now, the Irish government wants to build a four-lane highway near it. Stephen Beard reports many are protesting...
The story contains an audio version as well as the text of the audio.

Can Ice Age Art Survive Man's Attempt To Save It?
Times Online
The survival of the most important cave paintings in the world is in doubt because of a severe fungal infection that spread after an air-circulation system was installed to protect them, archaeologists say...