Friday, October 19, 2007

October 19th News

Another early start today.

New stories as of 6:02 AM:

Pompeii Artifacts On Display In Birmingham
The Crimson White
The ruins of ancient Roman cities and citizens devastated and buried by a volcano in 79 A.D. have found their way to the Birmingham Museum of Art...

Skeletons Found At School

This Is Hamshire
SKELETONS from Britain's Dark Ages have been discovered buried at Twyford School near Winchester...

Secrets Of An Obelisk Quarry

Archaeologists claim to have found a canal that was used to transport stone monuments from quarries to their permanent locations in Egypt...$1152028.htm

Saxon Graves Find

This Is Hampsire
WHEN workmen discovered human remains as they cleared a site for new classrooms at a Twyford school, staff briefly thought they had a crime scene on their hands...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 17th News

Three new stories this early in the morning. There should be more later.

New stories as of 6:02 AM:

Ancient Greeks Got It Right
ABC News
Mark Schiefsky has spent years studying ancient Greek manuscripts, trying to figure out how some of the earliest geeks produced mechanical devices that were at least as important to them as computers are to us...

Thief of Ancient Spanish Maps Caught In Argentina

Monsters & Critics
Madrid - A man suspected of stealing valuable ancient maps and other documents from Spain's National Library has given himself up to police in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, library director Milagros del Corral said Wednesday in Madrid...

Aswan Obelisk Quarry More Than Meets The Eye
Science Daily
The unfinished Obelisk Quarry in Aswan, Egypt, has a canal that may have connected to the Nile and allowed the large stone monuments to float to their permanent locations, according to an international team of researchers. This canal, however, may be allowing salts from ground water to seep into what has been the best preserved example of obelisk quarrying in Egypt...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 16th News

There's a range of stories today, spanning from more on the new Acropolis Museum and the Templar documents, to some new discoveries.

New stories as of 10:47 AM:

Vatican Archive Yields Templar Secrets

BBC News
The Knights Templar, a military order of the Roman Catholic Church, are back in the news again, almost 700 years after they were suppressed by papal edict...

Ancient Necropolis Unearthed In Busy District In Bulgaria's Coastal Varna
Sofia News Agency
Builders, working on a construction site near the market place of the Bulgarian coastal town of Varna, unearthed a second century necropolis containing two sarcophagi...

Three Ancient Sarcophaguses Found In The Centre Of Varna
Tree stone sarcophaguses were found during excavation works in the region of the cooperation market in the centre of Varna city...

Should London Finally Lose The Parthenon Marbles?
Guardian Unlimited
A specially designed museum in Athens has reawakened the debate over the Acropolis sculptures. But will this be its final phase?

Acropolis Statues Lifted Into New Home
Experts are moving 2,500-year-old sculptures from the Acropolis to a museum at the bottom of the ancient citadel...

Should We Give The Parthenon Marbles Back?
The Guardian Unlimited
If only we'd listened to Byron, what a lot of trouble over the Elgin/Parthenon marbles would have been saved. "Dull is the eye that will not weep to see/Thy walls defaced, thy mouldering shrines removed/By British hands ..." he wrote in Childe Harold...,,2192129,00.html

Cyprus' Dwarf Hippos Were The Last In Europe
Cyprus Mail
CYPRUS was home to Europe's last ancient dwarf hippopotami, according to the latest findings from a site in Ayia Napa during an excavation...

British Templars Call On Pope To Apologise
Times Online
A British order of Templars that claims direct descent from the original Knights Templar is calling on the Pope to apologise after a newly-discovered but ancient Vatican document shows that the knights were absolved of crimes laid against them seven centuries ago...

Archaeologists Find Mysterious Carved Stone
Experts are studying a carved stone recently uncovered on Whitby Abbey Headland in North Yorkshire to see if it represents the first Bronze Age artifact from the site...

Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15th News

There's really only one story today it seems. Below are the main variations on the Acropolis Museum move story which have come to light so far today.

New stories as of 5:55 AM:

Greek Museum Move Raises Debate Over Elgin Marbles

The List
A massive operation is underway to remove some 4,500 antiquities from the Acropolis in Greece to a purpose-built museum 400 yards below...

In Pictures: Sculptures Moved From Acropolis
BBC News
The Greek authorities have begun using cranes to winch thousands of ancient sculptures housed in a museum on the Acropolis to a new museum below.

After 2,500 Years, Parthenon Treasures Move To New Home
Guardian Unlimited
A collective gasp filled the air early yesterday as a blue crate containing a 2.5-tonne slab of marble universally viewed as one of the most important works of antiquity, was hoisted by a giant crane from the Acropolis...,,2191429,00.html

Greek Authorities Move Parthenon To The New Acropolis Museum

About 2,400 years after Pericles built the Parthenon to honor the cultural and political achievements of the Athenians, the Greek authorities began operations moving the well-known sculptures from the Acropolis to a new museum located below the Athens landmark...

Cranes Move Acropolis Sculptures
BBC News
Greece has begun moving the ancient sculptures from the Acropolis in Athens to a new home - a museum at the foot of the hilltop citadel...

Historic Move Leaves Place For Elgin Marbles
The Scotsman
FOR 25 centuries they have stood atop the Acropolis in Greece, treasured among the most exquisite artefacts of the ancient world. The priceless marble carvings and sculptures have withstood wars and earthquakes, looters, pollution and storms...

Greek Authorities Begin Moving Acropolis Statues To New Home
ATHENS (AFP) — Three giant cranes began the painstaking task Sunday of transferring hundreds of iconic statues and friezes from the Acropolis to an ultra-modern museum located below the ancient Athens landmark...

1st Of Acropolis Sculptures Successfully Transferred By Crane To New Museum At Foot Of Ancient Greek Citadel
ATHENS, Greece – The first of the Acropolis' ancient sculptures was gingerly plucked from the top of the Parthenon temple and successfully transferred Sunday to a new museum at the foot of the hilltop citadel...

Factbox: Facts About Acropolis Move
Greece on Sunday began moving Classical Age treasures by crane from the Athens Acropolis to a new museum at the bottom of the hill...

Greece Hoists Parthenon Sculptures To New Home
Reuters Canada
ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece on Sunday began moving the ancient sculptures from the temples of the Athens Acropolis to a new museum, designed specifically to prod the British Museum into returning its own prized collection of Parthenon marbles...

Medieval Church Moved 50 Miles
A Medieval church in Wales has been moved stone by stone to a museum...

Depot With Venetian Silver Coins Excavated
MPT Online
A depot with 2,383 Venetian silver 14th century coins, all put in a ceramic dish, is the latest excavation of archaeologists at Plaosnik in Ohrid...