Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 20th News

I'm sorry for missing yesterday's update, but here are the stories for both days.

New stories as of 8:17 AM:

Archaeologists Discovered Ancient Mycenaean Harbor Town In Greece
Balkan Travellers
20 March 2008 | Archaeologists recently announced what they call a “remarkable find” – the discovery of a relatively intact Mycenaean settlement, dating from 3,500 years ago, in the southern part of Greece...

Archaeologists Discover Part Of Colchester's Ancient Roman Wall
Thaindian News
London, March 20 (ANI): Archaeologists have discovered a part of the ancient Roman wall of Colchester, the oldest recorded Roman town in Britain...

Ancient Artifacts Seized Near Rome
The Guardian
ROME (AP) - Police seized some 1,000 ancient artifacts from a wealthy Italian man's country house outside Rome that were stolen from one of Emperor Trajan's villas, prosecutors said Wednesday...

Medieval Leicestershire
Loughborough News
On April 5th and 6th a conference at County Hall will shed light on the archaeology of medieval Leicestershire...

Israeli Archaeologists Discover Rare Second Temple Coin

Thaindian News
Washington, March 20 (ANI): A rare silver coin that the Jews used to pay the half-shekel head tax to the Temple has been discovered in what was the main drainage channel of Jerusalem in the Second Temple period - a phase in Jewish history that extends from the return of the first of the exiles in 539 BCE following the declaration of Cyrus, or with the reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 516 BCE, until the Temples destruction in 70 CE...

Israeli Archaeologists Find Second Temple Coin
Coin dating back to days of biblical Second Temple found in 2,000-year-old drainage ditch in Jerusalem...,7340,L-3521334,00.html

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18th News

It's really quiet today. I think though, that tomorrow we will see more on the one story from today.

New stories as of 11:08 AM:

Ancient Settings Of Greek Legends Discovered
Long before Homer wrote the Iliad, the real-life progenitors of the epic poem's characters might have visited a small outpost on the Greek coast...
Also published at:,2933,338910,00.html

Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17th News

Looks like it's been a busy weekend. Lots of new stories for the start of spring break.

New stories as of 6:23 AM:

How The Greek Agora Changed The World
It was the heart of the city – where ordinary citizens bought and sold goods, politics were discussed and ideas were passed among great minds like Aristotle and Plato...

Ancient Church Remains Found
In a report by Michele Green/Ecumenical News International, Israeli archaeologists digging near a prison have discovered the remains of what they believe could be the oldest church ever found in the Holy Land. Experts say the discovery may shed new light on early Christianity...

Gold Scroll Discovered: Earliest Evidence Of Jewish Inhabitants In Austria

ScienceDaily (Mar. 16, 2008) — Archaeologists from the Institute of Prehistory and Early History of the University of Vienna have found an amulet inscribed with a Jewish prayer in a Roman child’s grave dating back to the 3rd century CE at a burial ground in the Austrian town of Halbturn...

Brand New Discoveries In An Ancient Literary Tradition
Bismark Tribune
Did you see the news about the recent discovery of a 3,000-year-old tomb on the Greek island of Lefkada? The tomb, though quite small, is configured like the massive Mycenaean "beehive" tombs, more often found on the Greek mainland and on the island of Crete...

3rd Century 'Shema' Prayer Scroll Proves Ancient Austrian Jewry

Austrian archaeologists last week announced they had found the earliest sign of Jewish habitation in Austria, in the form of a silver pendant they found inside a third-century C.E. grave, which bears the "Shema Yisrael" prayer...

1st Temple Remains Uncovered In Dig Near Temple Mount
Jerusalem Post
The remains of a building from the First Temple period have been uncovered in an archeological excavation just west of Jerusalem's Temple Mount, the Israel Antiquities Authority said on Sunday.

Archaeologists Find Historic Ditch In Lichfield
Birmingham Mall
ARCHAEOLOGISTS working on the site of a planned shopping and leisure complex have unearthed an historic ditch...

'Chemists' For Medieval Scots Is Discovered
The Scotsman
A 700-YEAR-OLD "chemists" which supplied a medieval hospital has been discovered just outside Edinburgh...