Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 10th News

Again, it's an interesting mix of old and new stories, some really old as well.

New stories as of 10:14 AM:

'An Incredible Moment'
The mummy of Tutankhamun went on public display on Sunday for the first time. Nevine El-Aref reports on the boy king's latest journey, from golden sarcophagus to plexi-glass case...

New Insights Into Ancient Catapults And Machines
Spero News
Classical texts show that even without math, ancients engineered sophisticated machines...

Ancient Salad Dressing Found In Jars At Bottom Of Mediterranean

Fox News
Genetic analysis has revealed the contents of an ancient shipwreck dating back to the era of the Roman Republic and Athenian Empire. The cargo was olive oil flavored with oregano...,2933,310038,00.html

1623 Antiquities Seized From Treasure-Hunter's Home In Bulgaria
Sofia News Agency
A total of 1623 precious antiques have been seized at a police raid in the home of a treasure hunter in Bulgaria's town of Pleven on Friday...

Israeli Institute To Get Medieval Bible Fragment
Fox News
JERUSALEM — The family of man who held a fragment of a more than 1,000-year-old manuscript of the Hebrew Bible for six decades as a good luck charm will present it to a Jerusalem institute next week, officials said Thursday...,2933,310039,00.html
Also published at:;_ylt=Aja5i1fblOUw7Ad1uRJU3TtvieAA

Contents of 2400-Year-Old Shipwreck Revealed
Daily India
Washington, Nov 10: Scientists have revealed the contents of an ancient shipwreck dating back to the era of the Roman Republic and Athenian empire using genetic analysis...

How The Times Dug Up A Tutankhamun Scoop And Buried It's Fleet Street Rivals
Times Online
The discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922 was one of the news sensations of the century. But behind that familiar story lies another, untold tale worthy of Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop: a story of newspaper skulduggery in a foreign land, chequebook journalism, feuding, drunken hacks, secret codes and fantastic expenses claims...
This article has four of the early photos of the discovery of Tutankhamum.

Plans Underway To Save Ancient City Of Akmonia
Turkish Daily News
The Uşak governor's office has started studies aimed at saving the ancient city of Akmonia in Uşak's Banaz district. The city, known as �upper city� in Ahat Village, has been seriously neglected during the last six years...

Friday, November 9, 2007

November 9th News

There's some interesting new stories today, as well as updates on older ones.

New stories as of 6:24 AM:

Two Ancient Maps Stolen From Spain Returned By FBI
Washington, Nov 9 - FBI has turned over to Spain two of the world maps from Ptolemy's 'Geographia' that were stolen from Madrid's National Library in August, the Spanish news agency EFE said...

Lebanon Through The Ages Part II: Medieval Lebanon
Bits Of News
Gone were the days of the mighty Phoenician city-states; by the end of the 600s CE, Lebanon lay shattered by natural disasters and neglected at the outer edges of the slowly-crumbling Byzantine Empire...

Tron Revamp Unearths 'Treasure Chest'

The Scotsman
ARCHAEOLOGISTS have unearthed centuries-old remains of shops, tenements and cobblestones under the Royal Mile...

<> - New Book Tells The Untold Secret Of Egyptian Mummies
A new book due to be launched tonight (Thursday) tells the untold secrets of Manchester's answer to Tutankhamen: the "Two Brothers" - a pair of 4,000-year-old ancient Egyptian mummies at The Manchester Museum...

Iraq Asks Britain To Return Hundreds Of Missing Artifacts
Azzaman In English
The government has asked British authorities to hand over to the Iraq Museum 654 priceless archaeological pieces that went missing shortly after U.S. invasion troops landed in Baghdad in 2003...

Royal Seal Indicates Biblical Queen Jezebel's Power

Fox News
Jezebel, the queen whose name became synonymous with all things lewd and wicked, probably wielded a fair bit of power in ancient Israel, suggests a stone document seal newly traced to the Biblical "bad girl."...,2933,309761,00.html

Thursday, November 8, 2007

November 8th News

Today seems to be the day for older stories to be brought back to the top of the heap.

New stories as of 8:30 AM:

Ingredients For Salad Dressing Found In 2,400-Year-Old Ship
Live Science
Genetic analysis has revealed the contents of an ancient shipwreck dating back to the era of the Roman Republic and Athenian Empire. The cargo was olive oil flavored with oregano...

Bronze Age Child's Body Found At School
THE remains of young child buried thousands of years ago in a west Suffolk garden have been unearthed by archaeologists...

2,000 Year Old Tunnel Discovered In Jerusalem
The Chaffey Breeze
Technology is taking the world into the future at warp speed and yet the past will not be left behind.
Recently, the Associated Press reported that archaeologists, under the auspices of the Israel Antiquities Authority, discovered a tunnel while looking for ancient Jerusalem's main road...

Did Egyptian King Unleash A Curse On Treasure Seekers?
Bexley Times
THE discovery of a 3,000-year old Egyptian tomb was the greatest day of an archaeologist's life but for those who helped him it was the beginning of the end, writes Marina Soteriou...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November 7th News

Not too much in the way of stories today.

New stories as of 6:15 AM:

Looted Art Returns To Italy From NY

Associated Press
ROME (AP) — Italian authorities claimed another victory in their campaign against the illegal antiquities market Tuesday, unveiling eight Etruscan or Roman artifacts they say were looted from the country and returned by a New York art dealer.

Bid To Solve Church Skull Riddle
This is Lancashire
A question of whether an ancient skull is hidden within Chorley's St Laurence Church could soon be solved...

Body Of Child From Bronze Age Found
THE remains of a Bronze Age child have been discovered by archaeologists carrying out a dig at a Suffolk school...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

November 6th News

I know it's been a few days, but this is mid-term and term paper season.

Regardless, in catching up, with the news, there's been a wide range of stories, from discoveries to more art returns.

New stories as of 10:55 AM:

World Top Archaeological Discovery Of 2006 Is In Egypt
Discovery of Ptolemaic era tomb in Alexandria
An Italian archaeological mission has discovered a tomb dating back to the Ptolemaic era and containing coins, colorful pottery and other tools used in the ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine times...

Greece Inaugurates New Acropolis Museum
Southeast European Times
Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi has designed a 21st-century facility to house the ancient treasures of the Acropolis. But will it help Greece in its campaign to get back the missing Parthenon Marbles?

Art Pieces Relinquished To Italy

Daily Princetonian
The University Art Museum will give the Italian Culture Ministry legal title to eight of 15 disputed art pieces, the two organizations said last week...

DNA Shows Ancient Ship Carried Olive Oil, Oregano
Daily times
DNA scraped from inside clay vessels show that a ship that sank off the coast of Greece 2,400 years ago was carrying a cargo of olive oil, oregano, and probably wine, researchers reported on Friday...

Looted Art Returns To Italy From NY
The News Tribune
ROME -- Italian authorities claimed another victory in their campaign against the illegal antiquities market Tuesday, unveiling eight Etruscan or Roman artifacts they say were looted from the country and returned by a New York art dealer...
Also posted at:,4670,ItalyLootedAntiquities,00.html

Valeria Foll: Written Sources Associate Orpheus With Thrace
Focus Information Agency
Do Macedonians have any grounds to declare mythical Orpheus has Macedonian origin? What is known about Orpheus that gives the Macedonians grounds to make such statements? FOCUS News Agency got in touch with Thracologist professor Valeria Foll to clear out the issue...
This article is in a question and answer formant as the text of the interview, rather than a summary.

Prehistoric Israel Treasures Lost Forever
Travel Video Television
Eights years after the fact, Israeli archeologists still lament the loss of hundreds of stone tools and animal bones excavated along the Jordan River. The scene was straight out of an archaeologist's nightmare...

Archaeologists Unearth Rare State Seals From 1st Bulgarian Empire

Sofia News Agency
Archaeologists have made a sensational finding on Saturday, dated back to the first Bulgarian Empire (years 681-1018) in the ancient Bulgarian capital of Pliska...

Stonehenge's Huge Support Settlement

BBC News
Archaeologists working near Stonehenge have uncovered what they believe is the largest Neolithic settlement ever discovered in Northern Europe...

Cultic City And Fortress Unearthed In Southern Turkey
Science Daily
New excavations conducted by the University of Tübingen (Germany) and the Onsekiz Mart University of Çanakkale (Turkey) at the site of Sirkeli Höyük near Adana (southern Turkey) have revealed the remains of a massive bastion fortification dating to the Hittite Imperial Period (ca. 1300 BC)...