Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16th News

It is definitely a quiet day today. Most of the articles on archaeology are about Harrison Ford. These are the only two stories I could find.

New stories as of 8:10 AM:

Rings Offer Up A Rare Glimpse Of Medieval Luxury
A PAIR of precious metal decorative rings were among a host of artefacts handed over to the National Museum of Wales...

Bust Of Aging Caesar Found In Rhone River
Discovery News
May 14, 2008 -- Divers trained in archaeology discovered a marble bust of an aging Caesar in the Rhone River that France's Culture Ministry said Tuesday could be the oldest known...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14th News

There's definitely lots of news today. Makes up for the previous days quietness.

New stories as of 9:12 AM:

Divers Find Bust Of Julius Caesar In Rhone River
A marble bust of Julius Caesar thought to date back to 46 B.C. has been found by divers in the Rhone River in France...

Divers Haul Oldest-Ever Bust Of Caesar From Bottom Of River In France

Daily Mail
A bust of Julius Caesar found in a trove of Roman artefacts by divers in the River Rhone is the oldest ever discovered, French ministers say...

Divers Find Ancient Bust Of Julius Caesar In French River
Earth Times
Paris - Divers have found what may be the oldest extant bust of Julius Caesar in the Rhone River near the southern French city of Arles, French media reported on Wednesday...,divers-find-ancient-bust-of-julius-caesar-in-french-river.html

Divers Find Ancient Bust Of Caesar
The Press Association
French archaeology divers have discovered a marble bust of an ageing Caesar in the Rhone river that could be the oldest known of the Roman emperor...

Divers Find Caesar Bust That May Date To 46 B.C.
Associated Press
PARIS (AP) — Divers trained in archaeology discovered a marble bust of an aging Caesar in the Rhone River that France's Culture Ministry said Tuesday could be the oldest known...
Also published at:;_ylt=AtogDIAlWsTdo5IaFxsC6DxFeQoB

Oldest Caesar Bust Found In River
The Australian
A BUST of Julius Caesar, believed to be the oldest representation of the Roman emperor yet known, has been found at the bottom of the River Rhone in Arles, a French town founded by him in 46 BC...,25197,23696620-12377,00.html

Found In River - The True Face Of Julius Caesar
Times Online
The world has been introduced to the true face of Julius Caesar with the discovery in a river in southern France of a bust sculpted in the lifetime of the Roman leader...

Bust Of Caesar Fished Out Of Rhône
France's cultural minister has announced an "archaeologist's dream" - a marble bust of Julius Caesar, sculpted in the Roman's lifetime, has been found in Arles, several metres below the surface of the Rhône river...

German Archaeologists Claim They've Found Queen Of Sheba's Palace
London, May 13 : Archaeologists from the University of Hamburg have claimed that they have discovered the Queen of Sheba's palace and an altar that may have once held the Ark of the Covenant in Axum, Ethiopia...'ve-found-Queen-of-Sheba's-palace-.html

Now Thetford Can See It's Treasure!

Thetford & Brandon 24
Treasures that rested underground for more than 1,500 years and were promptly whisked away to London following news of their discovery have returned home for the first time...

Dead Sea Scroll Put On Rare Display In Israel

National Geographic News
One of the most important Dead Sea scrolls is going on display in Jerusalem this week—more than four decades after it was last seen by the public...
Also published at:;_ylt=AkLaThWmw2EdD4e041RF225vieAA

New Archaeological Discovery In Bulgaria's Hisar
Marble consecrated slab stone from the Rome epoch was discovered in archaeological excavations by the director of Archaeological Museum in Hisar town doctor Mitko Madjarov...

Athens Museum To Show It's Priceless Egyptian Collection For First time
The Canadian Press
ATHENS, Greece — A priceless ancient Egyptian collection opens to the public Wednesday, featuring a wooden body tag for a mummy, a stunning bronze statue of a princess, and a 3,000-year-old loaf of bread with a bite-sized chunk missing...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

May 11th News

There seems to be no news stories to link to as of 7:47 AM this morning.