Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 3rd News

Most of the articles today are from the UK.

New stories as of 9:25 AM:

Correcting A Colorblind View Of The Treasures Of Antiquity
The Washington Post
The statues of ancient Greece and Rome are masterpieces.Here's an idea for making them better: We should equip every gallery of ancient art with paints, in red and green and even gold, then set museum-goers loose on all their sculptures...

Stonehenge Mystery Hinges On Unusual Stones

Los Angeles Times
A new excavation at Stonehenge seeks to prove that it was not a shrine of the dead but a temple of healing utilizing unique bluestones from a site 250 miles away in Wales...,0,4585446.story

Vandal Yobs Target Ancient City Priory
Vandals have damaged the ruins of a Saxon priory in Gloucester, which was founded in 900AD.St Oswald's Priory, in Priory Road, was badly damaged when the wreckers removed bricks from the top of the ruin, possibly by climbing on them...

Ground Yields Wealth Of Treasures
They are rare artefacts that shed light on those who lived in the Norfolk landscape of the past...

Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2nd News

It's been almost a year since I started this blog. The official anniversary is May 7th.

New stories as of 10:54 AM:

Chester's Historic Roman Walls - City Council Update
Chester Chronicle
CHESTER City Council has issued an update on the situation concerning the historic Roman Walls...

Macedonia Speeds Up Archaeological Excavations At Skupi Site
Balkan Travellers
2 May 2008 | Work on the archaeological excavations at Skupi, one of Macedonia’s most important sites, is to intensify next week, national media reported...

The Androgynous Pharaoh? Akhenaten Had Feminine Physique
Yahoo News
BALTIMORE - Akhenaten wasn't the most manly pharaoh, even though he fathered at least a half-dozen children. In fact, his form was quite feminine. And he was a bit of an egghead...;_ylt=AoCxl6Cl_CYTiOxFHP4quxes0NUE
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More Unique Findings Unearthed In Cybele Temple In Bulgaria's Balchik
A total of four antique statues were unearthed in the temple of the Phrygian Goddess Cybele in Bulgaria's coastal town of Balchik on Wednesday...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1st News

The mass grave is the big story of the day today. Personally, I'd like to hear more about the wooden coffin found in Hereford.

New stories as of 8:56 AM:

Rome Mayor Aims To Tear Down Richard Meier Museum
Reuters UK
ROME (Reuters) - Rome's new mayor announced his intention on Wednesday to tear down a museum designed by U.S. architect Richard Meier that critics decried as a modernist eyesore when it was unveiled in the historic centre in 2006...

Stunning Finds On Archaeological Dig
Hereford Times
A ROMAN cemetery containing items of national importance has been uncovered in Herefordshire...

Robert Fisk: It Is The Death Of History
Belfast Telegraph
2,000-year-old Sumerian cities torn apart and plundered by robbers. The very walls of the mighty Ur of the Chaldees cracking under the strain of massive troop movements, the privatisation of looting as landlords buy up the remaining sites of ancient Mesopotamia to strip them of their artefacts and wealth...

90 Roman Empire Skeletons Found In Mass Grave In Gloucester
Thaindian News
London, May 1 (ANI): Over 90 skeletons have been found in a mass grave in Gloucester, which archaeologists say could be the remains of victims of the Antonine plague, an outbreak of smallpox that swept across the Roman empire between 165 A.D. and 189 A.D...

Mass Grave May Have Been Plague Pit

Times Online
Gloucester More than 90 skeletons found in a mass grave could be the remains of victims of the Antonine plague, an outbreak of smallpox that swept across the Roman empire between 165AD and 189AD, archaeologists now believe...

Mass Roman Grave Discovered In Gloucester

The Telegraph
Archaeologists have unveiled the first ever discovery of a one of the rarest finds in British history – a mass Roman grave...

Archaeologists Hail 'Unparalleled' Discovery Of Mass Roman Grave
The uncovering of a Roman mass grave was hailed by a research team today as an "almost unparalleled" discovery in British archaeology...

Historic Italian Cave May Collapse

RIGNANO GARGANICO, Italy, May 1 (UPI) -- Archaeologists are warning a signature Stone Age cavern in southern Italy, called the Paglicci Cave, is in imminent danger of collapse...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30th News

It's been a while, but I should be able to search out the news articles regularly again now. Thank you for your patience.

New stories as of 8:25 AM:

Intensive Archaeological Excavations At Skupi Site
MINA Breaking News
Macedonia's Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski visited Tuesday the Skupi site, where systematic research of the former ancient Roman city kicked off a month ago with financial support provided by the Government.

Ancient Burial Site Found At Kent's HQ
Your Canterbury News
A HOUSING development on the site of Kent Cricket Club’s St Lawrence Ground headquarters has unearthed body parts from a medieval leper cemetery...

Roman Ruins Reveal City's Historic Secrets
This Is Gloucestershire
A Roman mass grave discovered in Gloucester has been hailed as one of the rarest finds ever in Britain. Analysis released today of the grave which contained some 91 people - skeletons of men, women and children dumped in what looks like a hurried fashion - reveals that they could have been victims of a mass outbreak of a disease...

Plague Killed Roman Grave Dead

BBC News
A study into a mass Roman grave excavated in Gloucester appears to show the dead had been killed by smallpox...

Gloucester's Roman Mass Grave Skeletons Were Plague Victims
24 Hour Museum
A mass Roman grave, discovered in Gloucester in 2005, may have contained the victims of an acute disease of epidemic proportions, possibly plague.

Archaeologists To Take Rest Salty Men Out Of Iran's Cherabad Mine
TEHRAN, April. 30 (ISNA)-Cultural heritage and tourism institution chief of Zanjan, Iran's central city, declared cooperation between Iranian and foreign archaeologists will pave the way for the institution to find a way to take rest of salty men out of Chehrabad mine located in this province...

Nine-Year-Old Boy Finds Buried Treasure
The Local
Nine-year-old Alexander Granhof and his grandfather Jens have made what is believed to be the largest ever find in southern Sweden of silver coins from the Middle Ages...