Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 26th News

I admit it, I've been sporadic about doing this lately. I'll try to do better next week though.

New stories as of 9:24 AM:

Water To Run Down From Ancient Turkish Fountain After 1300 Years
Smash Hits News
Istanbul, July 26 (ANI): Water will run down from the Antonine Nymphaeum, a monumental fountain located on the north of the ancient city of Sagalassos in Turkey, after some 1300 years...

Roman Antonine Wall Gets World Heritage Status And New Map

24 Hour Museum
Done Hadrian’s Wall? Then perhaps you would like to know that Hadrian’s successor Emperor Antonius Pius (AD138-161) built a wall too, and there’s now a new map to take you on a tour of it...

Saving Pompeii From The Ravages Of Time And Tourists
The New York Times
POMPEII, Italy — Citing threats to public security and to the site itself, the Italian government has for the first time declared a yearlong state of emergency for the ancient city of Pompeii...

More To Hadrian Than A Wall
Far from the Adriatic being named after Hadrian - (H)Adriatic - Publius Aelius Hadrianus (Roman emperor ad?117-38) took his personal name from the Adriatic - or rather, from Hadria, the port in the Po delta after which the sea was named...
A review of the book Hadrian: Empire and Conflict.

Concerns For Battlefield Heritage
BBC News
Scotland's largest conservation charity has voiced concern that proposed legislation may not protect the country's ancient battlefield sites...

Iron Age Warrior's Grave A Unique Find
Portsmouth Today
THE 2,000-year-old grave of an Iron Age warrior has been discovered in the trenches of a new housing development...

Acropolis To Undergo Restoration From 2009

ATHENS (AFP) — The world-famous Parthenon of the Athens Acropolis will undergo restoration work from 2009 that will see its western facade obscured by scaffolding for three years, officials said...

Tomb Reveals Ancient Trade Network
(ANSA) - Ancona, July 24 - The tomb of a woman who died around 2,600 years ago on the eastern Italian coast is helping archaeologists piece together the vast trade network that once linked this area with the Middle East, North Africa and Greece...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23 News

There's a lot of multimedia in today's news. No fewer than four articles include video clips. Otherwise, there seems to be no 'big' story today, but a lot of smaller stories, and the articles come from all over.

New stories as of 11:40 AM:

New Life Given To Ancient Egyptian Texts Stored At Stanford For Decades

Stanford News Service
They're torn and faded and have the woven texture of a flattened Triscuit. At first glance, the ancient Egyptian texts look like scraps of garbage. And more than 2,000 years ago, that's exactly what they were—discarded documents, useless contracts and unwanted letters that were recycled into material needed to plaster over mummies, like some precursor to papier-mâché...

Ancient Roman Spa Unearthed in Serbia
Archaeologists have discovered a Roman spa of monumental proportions in downtown Prokuplje in southern Siberia...
Actually, given the rest of the article as well as other articles from previous days, the location is Serbia, which makes a lot more sense.

Roman Spa Found In Southern Serbia
Press TV
Serbian archeologists claim that they have unearthed a Roman spa during a restoration project in the country's southern Prokuplje town...

Roman Dog Skeleton Is 'Donated'

BBC News
A Lincolnshire charity has had what could be a 2,000-year-old dog skeleton donated to one of its stores...

Roman Tombstone To Go On Display
BBC News
A Roman gravestone which shows a soldier holding the severed head of a barbarian is set to be displayed in Lancashire by the end of the year...

Malta Exports Wine... In Antiquity
Malta is getting a reputation for good wine – but this is hardly a recent phenomenon. There is mounting evidence that it was already competing with other ancient Mediterranean producers as far back as the 3th-4th century BC...

Video: 2000-Year-Old Roman Body Found In West Sussex

Littlehampton Gazette
A 2,000-year-old body has been uncovered in North Bersted...

Medieval Maltan Tower Base Found

Zee News
Archaeologists have uncovered the foundations of a semi-circular bastion or tower dating to the Late Middle Ages in the town of Mdina in Malta, which is being considered an extraordinary discovery which may shed light on one of the darkest periods of Maltese history...

Greece: Shades Of Nero's, Um, Glory
The New York Times
German archaeologists using radar technology say they have discovered the ancient chariot track at Olympia where the Emperor Nero of Rome bribed his way to Olympic laurels...

Skeletons Hidden Below London's Streets Go On Show
Times Online
Thousands of skeletons discovered lurking beneath the streets of London have offered historians a glimpse into the diet, diseases and lifestyle of the capital’s inhabitants from as early as the 2nd century...
The article includes an embedded video of an interview with the curator of the new exhibit.

Germans Find Olympic Course Where Nero Raced Chariot

Reuters India
ATHENS (Reuters) - German archaeologists using radar technology believe they may have discovered the ancient horse racing track at Olympia where Roman Emperor Nero bribed his way to Olympic laurels...
Also published by:;_ylt=AsR7l4KADD9rJDJo.a1FWg9FeQoB

Video: Entombed Ship Revealed In Egypt
National Geographic News
July 21, 2008—At the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt, visitors could see, for the first time, an underground ship apparently intended to carry a pharaoh into the afterlife...

Historic Abbey Uncovered In Dig
BBC News
Parts of one of Scotland's most influential religious and historic buildings have been uncovered for the first time in centuries...
This article also contains a video clip.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 20th News

I'm sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days. I've been arguing with the new version of Firefox (frankly, I'm wishing I'd never upgraded to Firefox 3).

New stories as of 11:38 AM:

ISRAEL: Underwater Archaeology
Los Angeles Times
A rare 2,500-year-old marble discus was found last week by an Israeli lifeguard diving in the underwater antiquities site of Yavne-Yam, an ancient port city settled in the middle Bronze Age and inhabited until the Middle Ages. (Today, the beach is named for the nearby kibbutz of Palmahim.)...

Roman Spa Unearthed In Southern Serbia
B92 News
Prokuplje -- Archeologists say they have discovered a Roman spa of monumental proportions in downtown Prokuplje...

Ancient Rome's She-Wolf Statue Not So Ancient
She suckled Rome's legendary twin founders and fed Benito Mussolini's ambitious dreams of renewed imperial glories...

Ancient Egyptian Boat To Be Excavated, Reassembled
(AP) -- Archaeologists will excavate hundreds of fragments of an ancient Egyptian wooden boat entombed in an underground chamber next to Giza's Great Pyramid and try to reassemble the craft, Egyptologists announced Saturday...
Also published at:

Japanese Camera Reveals Pharaoh's 'Solar' Boat
France 24
A remotely controlled Japanese camera has made it possible to see an ancient Egyptian "solar" boat, entombed 4,500 years ago near Giza's Great Pyramid and designed to carry pharaohs to the afterlife...