Friday, December 21, 2007

December 21st News

The news for the day of the Winter Solstice.

New stories as of 9:30 AM:

Bulgaria Plagued By 'Grave Robbers'
Spiegel Online
From an archaeological point of view, Bulgaria has some of the richest digs around. The problem is, plunderers are aware of the valuable treasure as well. And they often get there first...,1518,524976,00.html

In Pictures: Ancient Roman Paintings

BBC News
A unique exhibition of 2,000-year-old paintings called Pompeian Red has opened at the National Museum of Rome...
A slide show of ten images of the Roman frescoes on display. Each painting also has a description with dates and other information.

Ancient Houses Excavated And Restored In Italy
Two houses of ancient Rome are unveiled, reborn to grace the basement of a government office building in Italy's capital. They are two upper-class homes, located, excavated, then restored to their ancient grace with the aid of high technology...

Masterpieces From The Ruins Of Pompeii

The Independent
The wall paintings that first brought the civilisation of ancient Italy home to modern Europeans went on show in Rome yesterday, for the first time in decades...

Ancient Villas Restored In Rome

Associated Press
ROME (AP) — The restored ruins of two opulent Roman villas and private thermal baths will open to the public Saturday, along with a 3-D reconstruction that offers a virtual tour of the luxurious residences discovered in downtown Rome...

Top Ten Archaeological Stories Of 2007

National Geographic News
The founders of Rome, the builders of Stonehenge, and ancient Egypt's "female king" were among the stars of this year's most popular archaeology stories from National Geographic News...

Gaulish Haul Discovered
NZ Herald
Asterix and Obelix, had they existed, might have paid for their mead and other magic potions with gold-silver-copper coins stamped with elaborate images of men and horses...

Ancient Egyptian Glassmaking Recreated
Science Daily
ScienceDaily (Dec. 21, 2007) — A team led by a Cardiff University archaeologist has reconstructed a 3,000-year-old glass furnace, showing that Ancient Egyptian glassmaking methods were much more advanced than previously thought...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 20th News

Not too busy a day as of this morning, but there's an interesting range of stories.

New stories as of 8:00 AM:

Italy To Show Off Repatriated Artifacts In New Exhibit
Italian cultural officials say they're offering art and history lovers an early "Christmas present" this week with the opening of a new exhibition showcasing priceless artifacts recently repatriated to Italy...

Second Temple Palace Remains Uncovered
Jerusalem Post
Israeli archeologists have uncovered a monumental Second Temple structure opposite the Temple Mount that was likely Queen Helena's palace, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday...
This one's a bit late really for Early History News (December 5th), but it popped up anyway, and today seems to be a bit slow.

Skeletons Give Clue To Origins Of Priory
THE remains of a chapel and graves dating back 600 years, including parts of four skeletons, have been unearthed in Priory Park...

Archaeologists Find Mysterious Neolithic Structure In Orkney Dig

24 Hour Museum
The sands of time have been rapidly eroding at the Orkney Bronze Age site, the Links of Noltland. Before everything is lost to the sea around the island of Westray, Historic Scotland have been carrying out a thorough excavation to learn everything they can...

Record-Breaking Haul From Gaul Discovered At Farm In Brittany

Belfast Telegraph
Asterix and Obelix, had they existed, might have paid for their mead and other magic potions with gold-silver-copper coins stamped with elaborate images of men and horses...

Study Of Shipwreck Reveals Valuable Data
Financial Mirror
A study of a shipwreck, off Cyprus’ southern coast, is expected to provide valuable information about the nautical and economic history of the Eastern Mediterranean as it is one of very few shipwrecks of the Classical period, found in the Eastern Mediterranean in such a good state of preservation, according to the Department of Antiquities...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 19th News

Most of the news today is Roman themed. And, like yesterday, there's lots of it.

New stories as of 9:59 AM:

A Pharaohship To Forget
Bits of News
He thought he knew better than his people; thought he could, through sheer force of will, change a public mindset centuries in the making. He was an iconoclast (literally) 2000 years before the term would be coined by medieval Byzantines, but within a couple of decades after his rule, the enemies he'd created had obliterated nearly every trace of his reign, as well as the monotheistic religion he had promulgated as a state faith...

There's No Place But Home For This Stolen Italian Art
Washington Post
ROME -- An unusual exhibit of archaeological treasures opens this week here with a very clear message: Italy will no longer sit back while its artistic patrimony is spirited out of the country by grave robbers, traffickers and unscrupulous art dealers...

Italian Antiquities Going Home
Business Week
On Friday, nearly 70 ancient masterpieces will go on display in Rome's Quirinale Palace. The exhibition is more than a celebration of the wonders of Roman, Greek and Etruscan art: it's the payoff for a long campaign the country's cultural authorities have waged against museums it accuses of illegally acquiring its antiquities...

Sisters Stumble Upon Remains Of Roman Soldier On Beach
Jerusalem Post
A woman walking on the beach with her sister near Caesarea stumbled upon the 2,000 year-old bones of a Roman soldier, police said Tuesday...

Rome Exhibition Showcases Looted Ancient Art
Reuters Canada
ROME (Reuters) - Nearly 70 ancient artifacts that Italy says were looted and sold to galleries abroad have been retrieved will now go on public display in a Rome exhibition, the minister of culture said on Tuesday...

Frescoes From Pompeii On Display In Rome For The First Time In Years
The Canadian Press
ROME - Scenes of Roman life, myths and decorations buried nearly two millennia ago by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius go on display for the first time in years in an exhibit opening Thursday in Rome...
Also published at:

Treasure Hunting Sisters Find Roman Era Human Remains
Human remains believed to be 2,000 years old were found this week by two sisters near the ruins of the ancient city of Caesarea...

Return Of The Viking Sword
The Press
A 900-year-old Viking sword is coming home to Yorkshire after being kept behind closed doors for more than 50 years...

Magna Carta Copy Sells For $21.3M
(CNN) -- The only copy of the Magna Carta in the United States, regarded as the earliest declaration of human rights, will be returned to the National Archives by the man who purchased it for more than $21.3 million...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December 18th News

To be honest, this is the Christmas season, which in combination with work and the weather leaves me with little time. I will guarantee regular posting will begin again in January. Until then, I'll try to gather the news regularly, but may not succeed.

And, of course this is the time when the news is coming in, thick and fast.

New stories as of 8:01 AM:

Italian Antiquities 'Going Home'
Spiegel Online
Italy has been waging a campaign to reclaim its antiquities from museums around the world. On Friday it will celebrate the return of almost 70 masterpieces from the Roman, Greek and Etruscan eras with an exhibition in Rome...,1518,524061,00.html

Italy: New Exhibit Showcases Stolen Treasures
Rome,18 Dec. (AKI) - Dozens of ancient treasures, believed to have been looted from archaelogical excavations, have been returned to Italy, where they are on display for the first time...

Recovered Antiquities Go On Display In Italy

ROME—Greek, Etruscan, and Roman antiquities will go on display Friday in an exhibition of illegally trafficked ancient masterpieces that Italy has recovered, the AP reports...

Italy Exhibits Its Recovered Masterpieces
Los Angeles Times
ROME -- Italian authorities Monday triumphantly unveiled an exhibition of dozens of ancient artworks returned by American museums in recent months, the symbolic conclusion of their decade-long campaign to repatriate objects looted from Italian soil...,0,7195492.story?coll=la-home-center

'Nostoi: Recovered Masterpieces'
The New York Times
A slide shown of eleven images of the recovered art objects. Descriptions of each image are included.

Stolen Treasures To Be Star Draw
Times Online
ROME An Etruscan antefix with Sileno and Menade dancing, is among 68 stolen or illegally exported treasures that Italy is to put on display after they were returned by American museums...

Looted Art Displayed In Rome
Associated Press
ROME (AP) — Dozens of treasures from the Greek, Etruscan and Roman civilizations will go on display Friday in an exhibition featuring many of the ancient masterpieces recovered in Italy's campaign against illegal trafficking in antiquities.

Looted Antiquities Return To Italy From Getty, Other US Collections
ROME (AFP) — Dozens of antiquities returned to Italy under hard-won accords with US museums, notably the Getty, were unveiled here Monday in what Culture Minister Francesco Rutelli called a new "season of cooperation."...

British Museum Snubs New Greek Call For Elgin Marbles
LONDON (AFP) — The British Museum snubbed a new call for the return of the so-called Elgin Marbles to Athens Monday, saying its position over the disputed artefacts remains unchanged...

New Acropolis Site 'Ripe' For Marbles Return: Greek PM
Khaleej Times
ATHENS - Greek Prime Minister Costas Caramanlis said during a visit to the new Acropolis Museum construction site Monday that conditions are ‘ripe’ for Britain to return the Elgin, or Parthenon Marbles...

New Details Of Ancient Roman Town Uncovered

New details of a buried ancient Roman town in England are being revealed for the first time using the latest technology...

Ancient Racetrack At Risk From New Homes
ONE of the most important archaeological finds in Britain's oldest recorded town could still be encroached on by a housing development - despite receiving special recognition by the country's leading conservation organisation...

Mesoptamia Was A Vital Link On Roman-Indian Trade Routes

Times Online
More than 60 years ago Sir Mortimer Wheeler proved that Roman pottery had made it all the way from Italy to India: the characteristic bright red of Samian ware, bearing the stamp of the Vibieni of Arezzo, showed up in his trenches at the ancient port of Arikamedu, on the southeastern coast near Pondicherry...

After Legal Odyssey, Homecoming Show For Looted Antiquities
The New York Times
ROME — In Greek, the word nostos means homecoming; the plural is nostoi. Hence the title of an exhibition that Italy has organized to trumpet the return of dozens of ancient artifacts that until recently adorned showcases in American museums and private galleries...

Remains Of Medieval Bishops Identified
The bones of six Scottish bishops from the Middle Ages have been idenfied using the latest techniques...

The Nile Once Flowed Near Ancient Egyptian Temple At Karnak: Experts
Daily India
Washington, Dec: A series of discoveries at the foot of Egypt's famous Temple of Amun at Karnak have led archaeologists to believe that the river Nile once flowed near the temple. ..

Surprise Find At Egypt Temple "Change Everything"
National Geographic News
A series of surprising discoveries has been made at the foot of Egypt's famous Temple of Amun at Karnak, archaeologists say...