Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 14th News

Things have been pretty quiet over the last couple of days. Only two stories today.

New stories as of 12:09 PM:

Colossal Head Of Roman Empress Unearthed
Sagalassos, Turkey, August 12—Tuesday morning, archaeologists of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven team (Belgium) directed by Marc Waelkens uncovered the colossal portrait head of the Roman empress Faustina, wife of the emperor Antoninus Pius, who ruled from A.D. 138 to 161...

Archaeologists Uncover 1,800-Year-Old Roman Coffins In Newcastle City Centre
Two Roman stone sarcophagi have been uncovered at a dig on the site of a former chapel and office buildings...

Monday, August 11, 2008

The news this morning is all new news, some of which is extremely interesting. There's quite a bit of work with replicas, ranging from the Viking replica the 'Sea Stallion' which is back in the news, to the forthcoming sailing of the replica Phoenician ship.

New stories as of 8:41 AM:

Roman Temple Uncovered In Ancient Jewish Capital Of Galilee
Science Daily
Ruins of a Roman temple from the second century CE have recently been unearthed in the Zippori National Park. Above the temple are foundations of a church from the Byzantine period...

Iron Age British Warrior With Roman Links Unearthed In England
Fresh News
Archaeologists have unearthed the grave of an ancient British warrior with Roman links in southern England...

Archaeologists Dig In St Cross
Hampshire Chronicle
ENTHUSIASTIC excavators have been digging for clues near one of Winchester's most historic buildings...

Archaeologists Find 2,000 Year-Old Coins At Jerusalem Site
eNews 2.0
Archaeologists on an Israeli-German dig south of Jerusalem have uncovered a cache of 15 silver coins dating back 2,000 years and lying in a pot hidden in a pigeon hole...

Roman Temple Ruins Found In Israel
JERUSALEM—Archaeologists have found the ruins of a pagan temple dating back to Roman times in the Galilee region of northern Israel, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem said on Monday...

Iron Age Warrior With Roman Links Found In U.K.
National Geographic News
The grave of an ancient British warrior with tantalizing Roman connections has been unearthed in southern England, archaeologists say...

Around Africa In A Phoenician Boat
BBC News
On Arwad Island off the coast of Syria, a group of 20 sailors-to-be are preparing for a voyage their captain believes has not been undertaken for two and a half millennia...

Viking Longship Returns To Home Port After Epic Sail
Irish Times
THE VIKING replica longship Sea Stallion returns to home waters in Roskilde today, after a 2,800 nautical-mile round trip between Denmark and Ireland...

Romanian Experts Uncover Biggest Dacian Find Ever
Southeast European Times
Romanian archaeologists discovered an ancient cemetery, which experts consider the largest necropolis ever found in the Dacian area...