Friday, September 21, 2007

September 21 News

Its an earlier start than usual, which may explain why there's so few articles.

New stories as of 6:02 AM:

Historic Mystery Could Be Solved
Evening Star 24
AN outbreak of a disease like foot-and-mouth may be the answer to an archaeological mystery which has been uncovered on the edge of a market town...
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New Monuments Discovered Near Luxor Temple
Monsters and Critics
Luxor/Cairo - A collection of new kingdom pillars, lintels and reliefs were accidentally found by Egyptian restorers from the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouk Hosny said Thursday...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 20th News

It's another slow morning today.

New stories as of 8:57 AM:

Greek Antiquities Returned From U.S.
Associated Press
ATHENS, Greece (AP) — An ancient stone coffin and sculpture of a lion's head have been returned to Greece after being handed over by private owners in the United States, the Culture Ministry said Wednesday...

Bid To Find Stonehenge Of The North
South Yorkshire Times
AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL dig to try to uncover the secret surrounding the "Stonehenge of the North" got under way in Cadeby this week...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September 19th News

Today seems to be another slow day, at least this early in the morning.

New stories as of 6:41 AM:

Professor John Crook
The Telegraph
Professor John Crook, who died on September 7 aged 85, was Professor of Ancient History at Cambridge University, an expert on Roman law and legal practice, and a quintessential old-fashioned bachelor don...

Archaeologists Unearth Ancient City In Turkey's South-West Aegean Province
Daily India
Ankara, Sept 19: Archaeologists are unearthing the ancient city of Tabea in the Aegean province of Denizli in south-west Turkey...

Skeletons Found On Rathdowney Building Site
Laois Nationalist
THE skeletal remains of a mother and baby, believed to be 1,500 years old, were unearthed during excavation work for a new house near Rathdowney last week...

Bronze Age Building Uncovered Near Gaza
Jerusalem Post
A building from the Late Bronze Age apparently constructed for Egyptian authorities before the Israelite settlement in the Land of Israel has been uncovered in an excavation on the edge of the Negev desert near the Gaza Strip, Ben-Gurion University announced Monday...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 18th News

Today seems to be getting off to a slow start.

New stories as of 1:42 PM:

Archaeologists Unearth Thracian Tomb In Bulgarian Village
New Kerala
Sofia, Sept 18 : Bulgarian archaeologists have unearthed an ancient Thracian tomb during excavations near the village of Cherniche...

New Thracian Tomb Found In Bulgaria
Sofia Echo
Archaeologists found a Thracian tomb near the town of Ivailovgrad, at the Bulgarian-Greek border...

Bronze Age Burial Site Unearthed At Eastern England Quarry
Daily India
London, Sept 18: British archaeologists have excavated a Bronze Age burial site at Pode Hole Quarry near Peterborough in Eastern England...

Monday, September 17, 2007

September 17th News

There was no news that I could find yesterday. Today looks better, even this early though.

New stories as of 6:14 AM:

Bronze Age Burial Site Unearthed
BBC News
A Bronze Age burial site has been unearthed by archaeologists working at a quarry in Cambridgeshire...

Roman Grave At England's Corfe Castle Excites Archaeologists
Daily India
London, Sept 17: A suspected Roman grave at Corfe Castle in Dorset County, England has excited archaeologists...

Bronze Age Settlement Found Under Proposed US Embassy Site In Malta
New Kerala
London, Sept 17 : Archaeologists have discovered a series of tombs and silos dating back to the Bronze Age and Early Roman period under the proposed US Embassy site in Ta' Qali, Malta...

Ancient Scots Mummified Their Dead

ABC News
The ancient Egyptians were not the only ones to mummify their dead, according to a study that says prehistoric Scots created mummies too...

Rare Medical, Astronomical Manuscripts 'Rediscovered' In Egypt's National Library
Top News
Cairo, Sept 17: Egyptian archaeologists have found rare medical and astronomical manuscripts at the country’s National Library (also known as Dar al-Kotob)...

Ancient Phrygian Valley To Be Revived For Tourism
Turkish Daily News
The historical and cultural wealth of the Phrygian valley, the area where the ancient Phrygian civilization had settled, will be explored and utilized through the Phrygian Valley project by the Culture and Tourism Ministry in order to attract more tourists to the area...

'Iron Age' Golden Drinking Horns Stolen From Museum
Copenhagen - Two golden drinking horns that were on loan from the National Museum were stolen early Monday from a museum in Vejle, southern Denmark, police said. The stolen drinking horns were 19th century copies of original drinking horns that dated back to the Iron Age, around the year 400...