Saturday, December 15, 2007

December 15th News

It's a weekend so there's fewer stories, however they are just as interesting, particularly the two on Egyptian glass making.

New stories as of 7:48 AM:

[Sacred Sites] Abraham's Forgotten City, Harran
Today's Zaman
According to legend, Harran is the place Adam and Eve first stepped foot on Earth and tilled the soil after being expelled from the Garden of Eden. If you happen to visit this southeastern province of Turkey, lying in a district of Şanlıurfa, you will not be able to help but feel that you are on a film set as you stand in front of the ancient town of beehive houses, entirely constructed with mud bricks...

Spectacular Roman Stone Coffin To be Displayed At Salisbury Museum

24 Hour Museum
Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum is to take delivery of a spectacular Roman stone coffin unearthed by Wessex Archaeology in 2007...

Secrets Of Roman Town Unearthed

BBC News
New hi-tech investigations of a Roman town in Norfolk have revealed it to be one of international importance, leading archaeologists have said...

Ancient Egyptian Glass Making Recreated
Science Daily
ScienceDaily (Dec. 14, 2007) — A team led by a Cardiff University archaeologist has reconstructed a 3,000-year-old glass furnace, showing that Ancient Egyptian glassmaking methods were much more advanced than previously thought...

Ancient Glassmaking Furnace Rebuilt
United Press International
CARDIFF, Wales, Dec. 14 (UPI) -- Archaeologists say the reconstruction of a 3,000-year-old glass furnace shows the sophistication of ancient Egyptian glass making techniques...

Friday, December 14, 2007

December 14th News

A lot of the news these days is coming from the UK, I've noticed.

New stories as of 10:17 AM:

The Thriving Roman Town That Slipped Into Oblivion
Times Online
The Times caused a sensation almost 80 years ago when it revealed the discovery of an extraordinary street grid of a Roman town in Norfolk. It published dramatic aerial photographs that were taken from an RAF aircraft and which showed the pattern left in parched barley fields during the exceptionally dry summer of 1928...

Review: The Dirt On Clean
International Herald Tribune
The Dirt on Clean
An Unsanitized History. By Katherine Ashenburg. Illustrated. 358 pages. $24. North Point Press/Farrar, Straus and Giroux.In 1927, worried that the advent of paved roads, automobiles and electric power would lead to a less dirty citizenry, America's soap manufacturers banded together to create the Cleanliness Institute...
I've glanced through this book myself and it looks like a good read, written in an amusing style.

A Little Pompeii In The Heart Of Rimini
Easier Travel
After 2000 years, the archaeological site of the Surgeon’s Domus opens to the public under an enormous crystal glass covering ’A little Pompei’ in the city centre, which has already become famous in the world owing to its unique archaeological finds...

Ancient Roman Glue Sticks Around
Discovery News
Dec. 14, 2007 -- Roman warriors repaired their battle accessories with a superglue that is still sticking around after 2,000 years, according to new findings on display at the Rheinischen Landes Museum in Bonn, Germany...

Ancient Egyptian Glass Making Recreated
A team led by a Cardiff University archaeologist has reconstructed a 3,000-year-old glass furnace, showing that Ancient Egyptian glassmaking methods were much more advanced than previously thought...

Roman Hoard Placed On Display
A hoard of Roman artefacts and vessels is now on show to the public having been unearthed in the City of London...

Norfolk's Roman Site Is Hailed

On the morning of July 20, 1928, the crew of an RAF aircraft took photographs over a field at Caistor St Edmund just to the south of Norwich which shed light on one of Britain's most important archaeological treasures...

Stunning Survey Unveils New Secrets Of Caistor Roman Town
On the morning of Friday July 20, 1928, the crew of an RAF aircraft took photographs over the site of the Roman town of Venta Icenorum at Caistor St Edmund in Norfolk, a site which now lies in open fields to the south of Norwich...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 13th News

Finals are over with so I finally have the time to take up the daily search again.

New stories as of 7:36 AM:

Ancient Surgical Instruments Go On Show In Italy
A complete set of ancient Roman surgical instruments has gone on show in Rimini in Italy.
More than 100 different tools were found at the archaeological site, which is thought to have once been a surgeon's house 2,000 years ago...

Roman Site Will Be Sold Due To Lack Of Funding
Evening Telegraph
ONE of the country's most important Roman town sites will be sold off after being branded "surplus to requirements" by Northamptonshire County Council...

Roman Emperor's Home Finally Restored
The ancient home of Rome's Emperor Augustus is opening to the public after 30 years of restoration...

Mystery Of Sussex Church Solved By Archaeology Students
24 Hour Museum
A redundant Sussex church has had its own Da Vinci Code moment after a husband and wife historian team dug around in the archives to unravel some of its secrets. As a result, bishops and local dignitaries attended the small church on December 8 2007 for a special ceremony of rededication...

New Light On Roman East Anglia
Evening Star 24
A LEADING archaeologist spoke of his excitement today as it was revealed a collection of extremely rare Roman artefacts of international significance have been secured for the people of Ipswich...

Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Pits
ARCHAEOLOGISTS preparing the ground for a new building at an Anglo-Saxon village have discovered the remains of three pits dating back 1,500 years...

Thousands Of Prehistoric Bear Bones Discovered In Northern Greece
Athens - Greek archaeologists have uncovered more than 15,000 bones of fossilised cave bears on the Iridaias mountain in northern Greece which they hope will shed light on the extinction of other animals in the area, newspaper reports said Wednesday...

Archaeologists Find Unique Baby Skeleton
Prague Daily Monitor
Usti nad Labem, North Bohemia, Dec 11 (CTK) - Archaeologists have uncovered a unique skeleton of a baby, possibly a sacrifice, from the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries in a medieval house's foundations near a church in the centre of Usti nad Labem, Lukas Gal told CTK Tuesday...

Photo In The News: Throne Found Near Ancient Pompeii
National Geographic News
December 5, 2007—Remnants of the first known surviving Roman throne have been discovered near Naples, Italy, in lava and ash that buried the city of Herculaneum in the first century, archaeologists said Tuesday...