Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 5th News

I apologize for missing several days of posting. Partly this was due to solving problems with the new(ish) Firefox 3. Now however, everything is working properly again.

New stories as of 10:38 AM:

Ancient Greek Ship Argo Sets Sail Once Again

Gulf Times
ATHENS: A replica of the legendary ship on which Jason and his Argonauts battled various creatures to recover the Golden Fleece according to ancient mythology sailed in Greek waters yesterday and will anchor at 23 cities before ending up at the Italian port of Venice next month...

France Hands Over Ancient Looted Pottery To Italy
Associated Press
ROME (AP) — Italy's Culture Ministry says France has handed over 50 pieces of pottery dating back to as far as the fourth century B.C. that were looted from southern Italy...

At Last, A Declaration Of Hope For Pompeii
The Italian Government has declared a state of emergency at the Pompeii archaeological site as it tries to rescue one of the world's most important cultural treasures from decades of neglect...
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Italy Moves To Protect Pompeii Ruins
Chicago Tribune
ROME — Italy's government moved Friday to help combat damage to the buried ancient city of Pompeii, which has been harmed by decay and inadequate management, officials said...,0,6152751.story
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Italy Declares Pompeii 'Emergency'
ROME (AFP) — Italy on Friday declared a "state of emergency" for the vast archaeological site of Pompeii, saying the volcano-stricken Roman city and major tourist attraction has fallen into serious disrepair...

Italy Declares State Of Emergency At Pompeii Ruins

(RTTNews) - Italian government on Friday declared a 'state of emergency, at the archaeological site of the ancient of Pompeii in a desperate attempt to restore and preserve the architecture and artifacts there from decay...

Astronomers Re-Date Caesar's Invasion Of Britain
Researchers from Texas State University have revised the date when Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55 BC, a transformational event in world history. Despite what most history books state, Caesar could not have landed on August 26-27...

Italy Declares Pompeii Emergency

BBC News
The ancient city of Pompeii has fallen into such disrepair that the Italian government has declared a "state of emergency" in a bid to save the ruins...

Why The Elgin Marbles Should Stay
Jonathan Keates reviews Who Owns Antiquity?: Museums and the Battle Over Our Ancient Heritage by James Cuno...

Ancient Egypt Settlement Sheds Light On Everyday Life
National Geographic News
A well-preserved mud-brick settlement in southern Egypt is providing a rare glimpse into nearly 3,000 years of ancient Egyptian daily life, archaeologists announced Tuesday. (See photos.) ...

Photos: Rare Egyptian Mud-Brick Settlement Uncovered
National Geographic News
July 2, 2008—A remarkably intact mud-brick settlement has been partially excavated near the ancient temple at Edfu, archaeologists announced recently. ..

Doubt Over Date For Brit Invasion

BBC News
Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain in 55BC could not have occurred on the dates stated in most history books, a team of astronomers has claimed...

Rare Roman Artifact Found Near Sicily
PALERMO, Italy, July 1 (UPI) -- Italian researchers say a rostrum, used by ancient Romans to ram enemy ships, was found off the coast of Sicily...

Monday, June 30, 2008

June 30th News

The news today covers all the time-periods for this list: prehistory, classical and medieval.

New stories as of 8:47 AM:

Egypt Retrieves A 2500-Year-Old Stone Relief From Bonhams Auction House In London
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Egypt said Monday that it retrieved a 2,500-year-old limestone relief from London after its sale was blocked by Bonhams auction house there because it had been looted from a pharaoh's tomb...
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Thracian Tomb Unearthed In Bulgaria
Southeast European Times
Bulgarian archaeologists discover an ancient Thracian tomb in Bulgaria. Also in the news: Greek companies use graphological analysis to hire new employees, and Macedonia inaugurates a solar energy testing lab...

Archaeologists Piece Together Prehistoric Mann

Isle Of Man Today
AS aircraft soar into the sky, a team of archaeologists are busy piecing together the lives of prehistoric Mann...
The article has a link to both a photo slide-show and a video of the archaeological dig.

Vikings Believed That Their Dead Played Board Games On Their Way...
Top News
I can't get the link to work, but hopefully that's only because the site is too busy.

Cemex Find Neolithic House In Quarry
Builders Merchants Journal
Building materials group Cemex, owners of the Rugby Cement brand, have found a 5000 year old house and other prehistoric items in a quarry in Berkshire...

Histories: Viking Longships Brought Rape, Pillage And Cod
New Scientist
Just over a thousand years ago, a Viking chieftain named Ohthere paid a visit to England and the court of King Alfred. An intrepid mariner, Ohthere told the king about his homeland in Arctic Norway, and described long sea voyages around what are now Norway and Denmark...

Syria Unearths 2,300-Year-Old Pharonic Engraving
Yahoo! News
DAMASCUS (AFP) - Syrian archaeologists have unearthed a hieroglyph close to Damascus which dates back to the pharaonic period around 1,300 years BC, the official SANA news agency reported on Saturday...;_ylt=ApllVQvWjNxCpX3SHGqmZ.pFeQoB