Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25th News

I'm sorry for the long gap in tracking Classical History and Medieval History news. Unfortunately life got in the way for a while.

There's certainly a lot of news this morning. It ranges from new discoveries in Egypt to more details and information on older stories, including the damage done to the ruins of Babylon and more.

New stories as of 10:35 AM:

Ancient Bronze Statue Finds Peace
Southeast European Times
A Belgian tourist discovered Apoxyomenos in the Adriatic in 1996. Now the restored bronze statue will be displayed in a Losinj museum, for tourists and antiquity admirers...

Egypt Unearths Granite Head Of Ramses II
Associated Press
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) — Egypt's antiquities council says that archaeologists have unearthed a 3,000-year-old red granite head believed to portray the 19th Dynasty pharaoh Ramses II...
The story is fairly short on detail, unfortunately. However, there is a good photo of the head.

Ancient Bacteria On Roman Tombs May Help Protect Cultural Heritage Monuments
Washington, September 25 (ANI): A new research has led to the discovery of two new species of bacteria found growing on the walls of ancient Roman tombs, which may help protect cultural heritage monuments...
This shows exactly how little we know about life on this planet. A truly fascinating read, though it is more focused on science and the bacteria than on classical history.

Relief Road Excavation To Start

BBC News
Archaeology work has started ahead of the building of a relief road through protected countryside in Dorset...

Macedonian Police Seize Stolen Antiquities

Associated Press
SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — Authorities have seized dozens of stolen ancient artifacts after raiding the homes of two suspected antiquities smugglers in southern Macedonia...

Rare Silver Viking Coin Found In British Village
Thaindian News
London, September 25 (ANI): A rare silver Viking coin, that was discovered by treasure hunters in the north Bedfordshire village in the UK last year, has been put on display at the British Museum in London...

The Hindu
Cairo (Xinhua): Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a granite head statue, believed to be that of the 19th Dynasty King of ancient Egypt Ramses II, the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) said in a press release on Thursday...
Also published at:

Experts 'Solve' The Mystery Of Stonehenge
Après de nombreuses années de supputations, deux chercheurs anglais affirment avoir résolu le mystère de Stonehenge...
The rest of the article is in English.

1000 Year Old Viking Shield Found
Archaeologists in Denmark have been quite lucky. They have unearthed a shield from the Vikings in very good condition, at a historic site near the town of Slagelse on Zealand...

Video: Ancient Babylon Damaged
National Geographic News
September 24, 2008—After years of deterioration, the ancient Iraqi city of Babylon is suffering anew in the wake of war...

Ramesis II Bust Found In Egypt

Yahoo News
CAIRO (AFP) - Archaeologists have found the bust of pharaoh Ramses II in Egypt's Nile Delta, Culture Minister Faruq Hosni said Wednesday, bringing experts closer to finding a temple belonging to the king...;_ylt=Au9QpPvZfPaOHACO_NASY7NFeQoB

Romans 'Brought Leeks To Wales'
BBC News
The Romans gave us roads, plumbing, wine and irrigation and now it seems they may have also introduced Wales' unofficial icon - the garden leek...

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